Another ‘The Walking Dead’ Character Will Relocate To ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

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Last season, Fear the Walking Dead rebooted with new showrunners, new characters, a time jump and a new location, moving from the American-Mexican border to Texas. In an effort to jumpstart the ratings, The Walking Dead even transferred Morgan (Lennie James) to the spin-off show. It worked, at least in the short term — the “crossover” event gave Fear its best ratings since the pilot episode. However, after Fear killed off its lead, Madison Clark (Kim Dickens), in the midseason finale, the ratings settled back down to season three levels.

The series — the third-highest rated on cable television in 2018 behind only The Walking Dead and American Horror Story — is hoping to re-inject some enthusiasm (and ratings juice) as production of the fifth season begins by adding another crossover character from The Walking Dead. Austin Amelio, whose character, Dwight, was exiled from The Walking Dead at the end of the eighth season, will be joining the fifth season of Fear the Walking Dead, reports, citing multiple sources.

Dwight’s relocation will actually make slightly more sense than that of Morgan, who basically walked from Virginia to Texas because he was in another depressive funk. Dwight, on the other hand, has presumably been roaming the country in search of his wife, Sherry. Meanwhile, in the fourth-season finale, we learn that Morgan and the Fear characters are setting up a facility in which they will transport goods and other necessities to those in need around the country. It’s not too far fetched to believe that someone from Fear might cross paths with Dwight.

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