Some People Were Shocked To Learn That Elizabeth Olsen Is The Sister Of Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen was already an acclaimed actress before the MCU tapped her to play Scarlet Witch, but she’s achieved a whole other level of fame with WandaVision, the spin-off Disney+ show that’s been bending minds and ignoring Marvel tropes for almost two months. Speaking of blown minds, the show has caused a lot of people to learn something new: The actress is the younger sister of Full House alumni Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Of course, that’s something a lot of people already knew.

BuzzFeed picked up the latest TIL trend, in which it was news that Elizabeth — who first caught attention with the indie drama Martha Marcy May Marlene — was related to one of the modern age’s most famous twins. The younger Olsen has gone in a much different direction than her sisters, which may have caused the confusion.

That being said, it’s not like this wasn’t common knowledge. For every person whose jaw dropped at learning this factoid, there was another person who couldn’t believe they didn’t already know the truth.

In fact, it’s pretty obvious, no?

Of those who weren’t aware, at least one wondered if this was something they were doomed to keep forgetting, only to “learn” about it over and over again.

Apparently those that didn’t know weren’t die hard Mary-Kate and Ashley fans. If so, they would know they gave Elizabeth her big break, granting her her first role in their 1994 TV movie How the West Was Fun, in which she played “Girl in Car.” She even appeared in a 1995 episode of Full House, when she was only 6. Olsen wound up studying acting, including a stint at the Moscow Art Theatre. There she gained the chops you see every week on WandaVision, in which she’s called on to do a different type of sitcom acting in each episode. Although with that, she probably got some help from her older sisters.

(Via BuzzFeed)