Emmy Rossum Had A Solid Response For A Troll Who Tried To Shame Her For Being ‘Naked On TV’

While the rest of us were making Jeff Goldblum references last night, Emmy Rossum was quieting a crude troll.

The Shameless star tweeted during Wednesday night’s vice president debate that she “can’t wait to get my I’M SPEAKING t-shirt,” referring to a comment made by Senator Kamala Harris after Vice President Mike Pence tried to interrupt her. Most of the replies to her tweet were of the innocuous “SAME” variety, except from one individual who wrote, “Yeah your shirts that say I GET PAID TO GET NAKED ON TV are sold out.”

Rather than ignore the stranger who looks like every guy with “gun owner” in his Twitter bio, Rossum replied, “I get paid to tell stories and life sometimes involves this awesome thing called sex. Maybe you’ve just never had any so you don’t know.” Extremely solid burn. To quote Rossum’s character on Shameless, “Careless, mindless sex has set me free.” You’d think the guy with a “FREEDOM” tattoo (I assume) would be able to relate.

“What I think is so interesting about showing sexuality as part of art is no different than showing any other part of life to inform the art,” Rossum once said about her nude scenes on the Showtime series. “Sexuality is a part of life, I hope, and it’s interesting that the women on the stage get to write, and we get to show characters. We get to explore the intimate parts of them, be that anger or loss or happiness or sexuality.”

Shameless will return for its 11th and final seasoneventually.