Your Complete List Of 2016 Emmys Winners

09.18.16 23 Comments

It’s a big night for television, arguably the biggest night for television, since tonight will see the handing out of the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards. So why does it already feel a little anti-climactic? That’s possibly because the Emmys lack a lot of the drama of the Oscars. Films get one shot at the big awards before the board gets reset for next year. The Emmys tend to reward the same shows year in and year out.

That said, it still tends to be a fun night and not without its surprises. The Uproxx staff hope you’ll join us here for a live discussion of the night. We’ll be kicking things off, slowly around 6pm ET with a discussion of the red carpet pre-show. Then we’ll kick into high gear at 7pm when the awards themselves begin. (Then we’ll most likely fall asleep with the Game of Thrones theme in our heads. That’s going to win a lot tonight.)

Here’s the full list of nominees, which we’ll be updating throughout the night. Winner will be in bold.

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