Emmy Nominees Will Be Allowed To Wear Designer PJs At The Virtual Ceremony Hosted By Jimmy Kimmel

This year’s Emmy nominees will attend a virtual ceremony. That’s something that probably everyone assumed would happen (especially with California being a hotspot), but the formal confirmation has been made. The recent BET Awards showed how virtual ceremonies can succeed with the right production and preparation, and Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel wants to get the ball rolling there.

In a letter to nominees, the show’s producers (including Kimmel) assured nominees that this will be a “top notch” production that is “going to make you look fabulous.” No word on whether hair and makeup stylists and all of that will be either safe or provided. However, nominees will be allowed to film at home or elsewhere, and the ceremony is vowing to “use good cameras and lighting” to do this thing. As for the dress code? It’s “come as you are, but make an effort!”

If you want to be in formal wear, we’d love that, but equally if you’re in the UK and it’s 3am, perhaps you want to be in designer pajamas and record from your bed! We want to work with you to style your moments, but want you to guide us on your levels of comfort – where you want to be, who you want to be with, what you want to wear etc.

One challenge will be for the Emmys to not play like a bunch of Zoom panels, which would really be a bummer, and they’re gonna have to do better than having Tatiana Maslany appear with a “backlit window” to make this show pop. I’m going to cross my fingers for Jeremy Irons to appear onscreen in full Ozymandias regalia to support his Watchmen nomination and make all the nerds happy. Maybe he can make a fart face, too? We could also use a Lube Man streaking through at some point.

The Emmys will air on Sunday, September 20 on ABC.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)