Eric Andre Supports The Petition To Make Him The Next Host Of ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

Most viral petitions are bad, but most viral petitions aren’t for Eric Andre to become the next host of the The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Over the past few weeks, Ellen DeGeneres has faced accusations of fostering a “culture of fear” with employees saying “they faced racism, fear, and intimidation.” So it’s no wonder that #ReplaceEllen trended on Twitter for much of Monday, with users suggesting who should take over for Ellen if she leaves/gets fired from her daytime series. One popular suggestion is someone with talk show experience: Eric Andre.

The “Make Eric Andre the host of the Ellen Show” petition has only been up for a day, but it’s already been signed thousands of times by Legalize Everything fans and received a coveted show of support from Andre himself. “With the recent scandals plaguing Ellen Degeneres, we the people of the world hereby nominate and elect Eric Andre to become the new permanent host of The Ellen Show,” it reads. “Fans have been lining up outside of NBC Studios, Adult Swim, The White House, and for some reason my house too… all chanting: ‘Get Eric Andre to replace Ellen, keep show format the same. Also don’t change the name!!’ These fans keep me up at night, please… for the love of god sign the petition and make Eric Ellen.” Sign it for the Photoshop alone.

Eric Andre gave birth to jazz. Now you can give birth to Andre as the host of Ellen.