Eric Andre Is Ready To Show You The World With His New Netflix Special

Eric Andre brings an element of unpredictability and appealing comedic danger to everything he does. The Eric Andre Show is evidence of that, as is everything we’ve seen so far from the upcoming film Bad Trip. When I interviewed him a few years ago, he began by discussing Salvadore Dali’s busted d*ck, and we were off to the races. When he was nice enough to recount his guest spot on the wild Pally/Schwartz Late Late Show episode for our recent oral history, the interview ended with him telling me he was going to go interview Charlie Rose for us. I say all this to ready you for whatever is coming to Netflix on June 23 when Andre drops his first stand-up special, titled Legalize Everything. Because it’s almost certainly going to be wild.

What, exactly, Andre will say or do in the special is, as with any 6 weeks away comedy special, slightly unknown. The press notes reinforce the title of the special, which was filmed in New Orleans. Andre is talking about “the war on sex, the war on drugs, and the war on fart jokes.” Dope. He mentions Trump in his IG announcement video (below). Are we going political? He points out a picture of the Pope hugging GG Allen (with tenderness) in outer space. Are we… I don’t know what to take from that other than a desire to possess similarly random and spectacular art. Dude is singing lines from “A Whole New World,” and all I can say is “don’t you dare close your eyes.”

Here’s the video: