A New ‘Falcon And The Winter Solder’ Trailer Shows Off Some Pretty Dangerous Working Conditions

WandaVision has officially wrapped on Disney+, but the streaming platform is prepared to give Marvel fans more content later this week. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is set to debut on Friday, and in anticipation of what’s looking like a workplace buddy comedy of sorts, Disney dropped two videos that leaned heavily on the action.

The first came on Twitter, which amounted to a scene previewing the somewhat tense relationship between Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. In it, the latter leaps out of an airplane mid-flight, not updating the former on what exactly was the plan. He also calls the aforementioned Winter Soldier “Buck,” who didn’t appreciate him using a nickname used by Steve Rogers.

The second video, which you can watch above, amounted to more of a trailer for the show than a sneak peek. But it might have given us more details about what happened with that whole jumping out of a plane thing. Interspersed with clips of Falcon flying through a canyon was a scene showing Barnes flat on his back, apparently having fallen from a great hight, while Falcon’s drone chides the man he calls his “co-worker.”

While the show will play about as far away from a workplace comedy as one can imagine, the comedic tension between Bucky and Sam has certainly been a centerpiece of the marketing for the show. But since the show is premiering on Friday, you don’t have long to wait.