The Parents Television Council Is Furious About The ‘Family Guy’ Statutory Rape Episode

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02.12.15 37 Comments
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In Sunday’s episode of Family Guy, Quagmire sleeps with a girl who he thinks is 23, but she’s only 15 and still in high school. He’s arrested by Joe for statutory rape, and a few Roman Polanski and To Kill a Mockingbird jokes later, his trial begins. Not to spoil anything, but I’m going to do exactly that: Quagmire is saved from prison because his born-again Christian mother gives a judge a blowjob. It’s a perfect storm of everything the Parents Television Council hates — *cutaway to George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg waterboarding Aragorn in the Council of Elrond* — and they’ve spoken out against Seth MacFarlane’s animated series for the 783,947th time.

“We believe that Family Guy’s description of this explicit sexual terminology violates the broadcast indecency law. And we believe that joking about statutory rape, as Family Guy did throughout this episode, exceeds contemporary community standards of decency for the broadcast medium,” PTC president Tim Winter said in a statement. “As such, we urge our members, as well as other Americans who agree that the broadcast was legally indecent, to file formal indecency complaints with the FCC.”

“Sexual assault is an increasingly troubling problem across America,” Winter added. “Joking about child rape on TV shows and using such patently offensive sexual dialogue – especially when they air at such an early hour and when they attract such a young viewing audience – is a gross violation of a broadcast licensee’s public interest obligation.” (Via)

Family Guy has yet to respond, and won’t until Conway Twitty returns from the dead.

Via the Hollywood Reporter

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