Famous YouTuber Gets Towed, Throws A Hissy Fit. Guy Who Towed Him Makes Devastating Response Video.

I have no idea who Joey Graceffa is, but according to his tax forms, he makes a sh*tload of money making YouTube videos. He sounds like an annoying, obnoxious whiner to me (which is a far nicer way to describe him than how the homophobic troglodytes on Reddit describe him). Anyway, this Graceffa fella had his car towed the other night, and rather than admit that he deserved to have his car towed because he was completely blocking some guy’s driveway, Graceffa made a video bitching about the guy that towed him. That video has been seen over 200,000 times now.

Well, the guy who towed Graceffa saw the video, and decided to make his own video refuting some of Graceffa’s complaints. The result? INTERNET GOLD.


Is it real? There’s some suggestion on Reddit that Nate Clark — who made the response video — is in cahoots with Joey Graceffa, but I don’t buy it. If you watch any of Graceffa’s videos, it’s clear that he’s not a guy who would take public shaming well. I’m sure he’s already formulating a weak response, which will probably add another $10,000 to his coffers.

Also, DAMN: Who knew you could make so much money on YouTube?