Fans Flip-Flop On ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Cover After The Guy Behind The Controversy Is Outed As A Douche

Hey, remember a few days ago when the INTERNET WAS IN ALL IN A TIZZY over a Powerpuff Girls comic book cover that was just too darn arousing to exist? Cartoon Network and publisher of the comic book IDW were forced to pull the cover and issue the now-standard apologies to the Internet outrage machine.

The story didn’t end there though — over the past couple days fan opinion has started to turn for a number of reasons. For one, the cover is honestly pretty innocent. It’s an image of the PP Girls as adults, none of them are posed in overtly sexy ways, they’re all reasonably proportioned and their outfits are just grown-up versions of what they wear in the cartoon. It could have been much, much, much worse. The fact that these adult PP Girls aren’t in spine-shattering poses designed to showcase their asses and heaving d-cups at the same time counts as incredible restraint for the comic book industry.

If this is giving you a boner, that says more about you than the artist. 

Second, the image wasn’t created by a sweaty, jorts-wearing neckbeard as you might expect, but a young, up-and-coming female artist named Mimi Yoon, and Mimi isn’t taking these attacks on her art lying down. Mimi has been taking to her Facebook page to let the world know what’s up, dropping bombs like…


My objective was to illustrate modern, pop cultured, SASSY (not sexy), and humanized Powerpuff Girls who have just beaten the crime lord and have him on the ground. Yes, the girls are wearing latex costumes…SO?!?!?! Don’t all superpowered heroes wear latex?

Unfortunately, the comic book will never make it to the stores…yes, i’m truely disappointed…because a perverted mind decided to see in this image what his dirty mind has conjured up, and barked loud enough. worse, he brought up kids and used protecting kids and kids’ perspective in his reasoning/excuse. does he think kids are dumber than him?”

Bam. Since Mimi Yoon started fighting back, plenty of comic fans, and some high-profile creators like Mark Waid have Kurt Busiek have lined up to support her.

Finally, it turns out Dennis Barger, the guy who started this whole uproar may just be a self-serving douchebag. Here’s a picture of Mr. “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” proudly bro-in’ it up between two barely clad asses at a strip club owned by that beacon of good taste, Larry Flynt. Not that everyone that’s ever been to a strip club is a scumbag or anything, but if you’re going to play moral crusader for publicity, maybe remove the titty bar pics from your Facebook first. Just a thought.

Dennis Barger Sez: Don’t let your kids look at the cover of The Powerpuff Girls #6 or their asses may end up on Dennis Barger’s wall when they grow up.

Thankfully it seems as thought the whole sordid incident won’t have a lasting negative impact on Mimi Yoon’s career. In fact, IDW is already teasing Mimi Yoon’s next cover project. I’m warning you though, I’m radically opposed to the sexualization of robots, so no sexy Transformers or we’re going to have words Mimi.

via Bleeding Cool & The Outhousers