A ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Actor’s Words Carry New Meaning In The Aftermath Of His Character’s Death

06.05.17 2 years ago 7 Comments

SPOILERS for last night’s Fear the Walking Dead episodes

In last night’s second episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Travis Manawa (Cliff Curtis) was unexpectedly killed off of the series. It’s a death that I don’t think anyone saw coming, and while showrunner Dave Erickson said that Cliff Curtis is an “insanely generous” actor who understood the decision to kill off the character, an interview Curtis gave to TV Guide in Australia before the episode aired suggests that he may not have been as upset about the character’s death as many viewers.

Asked about his character’s role in the upcoming season of Fear the Walking Dead, Curtis was quick to point out that he has “other coals in the fire and fingers in pies,” a probable reference to the fact that he’s signed on as the lead in the next four Avatar films. He then added, “because, especially, on a show like this, you never know what’s going to happen,” an obvious allusion to the fact that his character was going to be killed off. “I think this is my fourth television show and it’s nothing unusual to go to work on Friday and think you’ve got six months’ of work and for them to go, ‘Oh, don’t come back to work on Monday, we’re canceling the show.'”

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