Last Week’s ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Featured An Amazing ‘The Walking Dead’ Easter-Egg Spoiler

Warning: The Walking Dead spoilers will obviously be found below.

The upcoming tenth season of The Walking Dead has a lot in store for fans. We will get to explore a new romance between Ezekiel and Michonne, before Michonne gets a “nice, meaty” exit from the series. The days for another star of The Walking Dead, Rosita, may also be numbered, although Maggie may return, and her boyfriend from the comics will definitely appear in season ten. Negan will be unleashed to take on The Whisperers, Thora Birch will join the series as Gamma, and Kevin Carroll from The Leftovers will also wash up on shore this season.

Among all of those elements and more, the tenth season will also begin working toward the Rick Grimes’ movies and we should find out who was on the radio in the ninth season finale. There is one surprise from the comics, however, that we haven’t talked about much, namely the identity of Beta.

In the comics, there is a very fun reveal for the imposing beast of a character played by Ryan Hurst on the TV show. Without giving too much of his actual storyline away, in the comics, we find out the identity of Beta at a point when his mask is finally removed. In the comics, it turns out that Beta is a wealthy and famous basketball star from pre-apocalypse days, and obviously, Alexandrians are hugely surprised to find out one of the villains they have been fighting is someone famous.

We can expect a similar unmasking on this season of The Walking Dead, but Beta will not be revealed to be a famous basketball player. In fact, on last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, we found out who Beta is and sadly, he is not revealed to be the famous Ryan Hurst who played Opie on Sons of Anarchy and played a lead role in Denzel Washington’s Remember the Titans.

The reveal actually came during a scene that I otherwise thought was silly. During last week’s episode, Daniel and Grace were walking toward a house where they could stay the night, and for some reason, Daniel was carrying a crate of vinyl records. However, Daniel was confronted by a small horde of zombies, and given the situation, Daniel spent way too much time trying to save his record collection instead of himself. Eventually, however, he spilled the albums on the road and had to flee. Here are the albums he left behind.


As Screenrant notes, one of the albums that spills out features a musician who has a striking resemblance to Ryan Hurst, who is the actor behind the Beta mask. In other words, Beta will not be a famous basketball player on The Walking Dead, he will be a famous musician, one apparently adored by a famous real-life musician, Rubén Blades, who plays Daniel on Fear the Walking Dead. That is a legitimately cool Easter Egg spoiler.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead will return for its 10th season on October 11th.