People Are Flabbergasted Over CNN Trolling Felicity Huffman With A Ridiculous ‘Desperate Housewives’ Clip

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Operation Varsity Blues developments may have slowed down, but court dates will be coming later this month for the indicted Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and dozens of others who allegedly gamed the college admissions process (including a fake SAT score) with truckloads of money. Both actresses have been sued for $500 million by an angry parent on top of the white collar crime charges that could lead to five-year prison terms. Meanwhile, Us Weekly is reporting that neither Loughlin nor Huffman have “fully grasped the extent of their alleged crimes or the possibility of prison time.”

Regardless, they’ve lawyered up in a big way. And as people wait for more action, one Twitter user passed the time by pointing out that CNN chose to use this Desperate Housewives clip of Huffman (who starred in 8 seasons, or 180 episodes) while they covered the story.

Indeed, the cable news network chose a clip where she faked an accent while inquiring, “Could you let me in, por favor?” Some users pointed out that this silly clip purposely ignores how Huffman carried much of the series’ emotional weight during its heyday.

However, the stronger current of responses saw the humor in the situation, especially how the quote seems to fit Huffman’s involvement in the scheme.

Ice cold, CNN. As for Huffman and the rest of the federal defendants in this story, they’ve definitely got more serious things to worry about, including their upcoming March 29 court date.

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