‘The Good Place’ Creator Mike Schur Will Make A ‘Field Of Dreams’ TV Show For Peacock

Major League Baseball playing a professional game in an Iowa cornfield has had a lot of interesting impacts in recent days. That thrilling Field of Dreams-inspired game between the New York Yankees had a walk-off home run to end it and saw the 1989 film soar to the top of DVD sales charts. And apparently, it also helped bolster a pitch to revive the franchise for the streaming era.

Deadline reported on Monday, fresh off the heels of the most-watched regular season MLB game in 16 years, that Peacock wants a Field of Dreams TV show from The Good Place showrunner Mike Schur:

Written by Schur, the series will reimagine the mixture of family, baseball, Iowa and magic that makes the movie so enduring and beloved.

“Through the years, Field of Dreams has remained a fan favorite, maintaining its rightful position in the zeitgeist,” said Lisa Katz, President, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “It’s whimsical and grounded, a space where Mike Schur excels, and we’re looking forward to bringing a new version of this classic to Peacock.”

It’s unclear what a Field of Dreams TV show will look like, let alone if it will be funny. But Schur’s interest in baseball is pretty well-known at this point. He’s had a long career working on TV shows like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Rutherford Falls, but he’s also beloved by online baseball fans as well. Schur was the co-creator of Fire Joe Morgan, a very funny and now-defunct blog that once struck fear into the hearts of baseball writers across the country.

Field of Dreams does, indeed, remain beloved but over the years it’s become a fairly self-serious look at a very supernatural premise. So it will certainly be interesting to see what spin Schur puts on a property doing its best to put corn back on the map in a big way.

[via Deadline]