The New ‘Finding Magic Mike’ Trailer Gives A Longer, Sweatier Look At The Channing Tatum-Produced Reality Series

After teasing Magic Mike fans last month, HBO Max has finally whipped out the full trailer for Finding Magic Mike, a new reality competition series from executive producers Channing Tatum and Steven Soderbergh. While the original Magic Mike and director will remain behind the scenes, Adam Rodriguez, who starred in the first film and its sequel Magic Mike: XXL, will be handling hosting duties. Joining him will be guests Whitney Cummings, Nicole Scherzinger, and Nikki Glaser (who is getting used to working with muscle bound dudes thanks to her stint on FBoy Island).

In the new trailer for Finding Magic Mike, the contestants put it all out there not just from the waist down, but emotionally and physically as well. The dance routines are no joke — despite the presence of the top female comedians — and the trailer makes it clear that not landing a move just right can have dangerous results. Channing Tatum (who will soon appear in Magic Mike’s Last Dance) made it look easy on the big screen, but these fellas are about to find out that having a tight six-pack isn’t even half the battle.

Here’s the official logline:

Ten regular guys who have “lost their magic” are put through the paces of a Magic Mike Live bootcamp, baring their souls – and more – as they learn to perform sexy and daring dance routines with one being crowned the real Magic Mike. The winner will pocket a cash prize.

Finding Magic Mike will work its abs all over HBO Max on December 16.