A ‘Fleabag’ Star Confirms That The Phoebe Waller-Bridge-Created Show Is Done After Season 2


Fleabag had an extremely British life-cycle.

The all-too-real comedy about a guinea pig cafe owner, from creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Killing Eve, the voice of the droid that Lando has sex with in Solo: A Star Wars Story), aired for six episodes in 2016. Then, after a nearly three-year break, it returned for six more episodes… and now it’s over.

For audiences in Britain, where it debuted last month, at least. American viewers have to wait until May to see the final season. The news was confirmed by star Sian Clifford (Claire), who told the BBC, “There will not be a third series. This is it.” She added that the series has a “beautiful, perfect ending.”

About the second season, Waller-Bridge (who is currently in New York performing the original one-woman play that led to the show) said Fleabag, the character, is a “different person now. She’s in a different stage of her life. It’s not the immediate next chapter. You can delve into a whole new level of psychology and really depart from the first series.” She’ll be entangled with a hot priest played by Andrew Scott, who will “challenge her,” as hot priests are wont to do.

You can (and should!) catch up with Fleabag season one on Amazon Prime.

(Via BBC)