The ‘Frasier’ Revival From The Guy Behind A Beloved Parody Account Is Officially A Go At Paramount+

In early February, it was reported that the long-threatened Frasier revival was inching ever closer to becoming a reality. Even better, it would count as its head writer one Joe Cristalli, who runs the much-liked Twitter parody account @FrasierContempo, which imagines what Kelsey Grammer’s beloved shrink and snoot would get into today. Well, sometimes nice things do happen: As per The Hollywood Reporter, that new season of Frasier is a go.

Grammer has spent years trying to get Frasier Crane back on the small screen. But he’s been picky, and his need to find a good reason for his return — especially without his dad, who was played by the late John Mahoney — has been one reason it’s taken this long. Mind you, it will still take some time: Grammer has a prior commitment in an ABC comedy that pairs him with Alec Baldwin. (There’s also that potential Money Plane sequel to consider.) Meanwhile, David Hyde Pierce has the HBO series Julia. Then they can start tossing salad and scrambled eggs.

Frasier first appeared in a 1984 episode of Cheers, where he was merely the bookworm boytoy of Shelley Long’s Diane Chambers — there only to make Ted Danson’s Sam Malone jealous. He kept coming back, though, and he was soon welcomed into the fold, despite his occasional need to read them Dickens or something else no one else but Diane would enjoy. He remains one of the longest consistent characters in television history, though the honor of longest goes to John Munch, the character Richard Belzer played on Homicide: Life on the Streets and Law and Order: SVU over 22 seasons. But between Cheers and Frasier, he was on TV for 20 years, and that’s nothing to sneeze at.

(Via THR)