Tami Taylor Lines For When You Need A Life Coach

07.25.17 2 years ago

Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) gets most of the coaching credit on Friday Night Lights and for good reason. That man can work wonders with a group of disrespectful, egotistical, hormone-laden teenagers. But when it comes to great life advice you might want to look to the professional, a.k.a. his wife.

Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) was a mother, a wife, and a guidance counselor at Dillon High for years – there’s no faking that kind of experience. Whether she was verbally wrestling with her ungrateful teenage daughter, trying to motivate apathetic students, or giving her husband his own halftime speech, Tami had a gift for blending compassion and empathy with solid, no-nonsense advice.

The next time you need a pep talk, let these words from Mrs. T encourage and guide you.

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