The ‘Friends’ Reunion Special Has Been Delayed Due To The Coronavirus

They’ll be there for you…eventually. The novel coronavirus has, on top of being a deadly virus, pretty much put a stop to, well, everything. Everything has been suspended or canceled, and the only cure so far has been things that make us laugh (before we go back to crying). While we do have Norm Macdonald’s recent coronavirus stand-up set to scratch that itch, we won’t be getting that Friends reunion that was due in May.

This comes from Deadline, who claim a source told them filming of the reunion special, which was due on the forthcoming streamer HBO Max when it drops in May, has been inevitably put on hold. There obviously is no word on when it will re-commence because there is zero certainty about anything. But know this: At least stars Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer will be safe.

Not all is lost. HBO Max is still planning to drop, likely towards the end of May. And when it goes live, it will come bearing 236 episodes of Friends — episodes that are currently in limbo, having departed Netflix at the end of last year, all because HBO Max scored their rights. If we’re still all quarantined by then, you’ll have something else to binge.

(Via Deadline)