The First Trailer For Seth Rogen’s ‘Future Man’ Pits Josh Hutcherson Against The Cure For Herpes

Imagine you were told a brilliant medical researcher, whose company employed you as a janitor, would one day bring about the end of mankind. Specifically, his repeated attempts to find a cure for herpes will ultimately destroy human civilization. Unsurprisingly, this is the crux of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s latest contribution to peak TV, a new science-fiction comedy series on Hulu titled Future Man. The Hunger Games‘ Josh Hutcherson stars as humanity’s potential savior and Happy Endings alum Eliza Coupe co-stars as his recruiter.

The first trailer, which debuted just ahead of New York Comic Con, however, should attract plenty of attention to Rogen and Goldberg’s latest, which debuts November 14th on the streaming service. Tiger (Coupe) and Wolf (Preacher‘s Derek Wilson) travel back in time from the year 2162 to inform Josh Futturman (Hutcherson) that the video game he just beat is actually a recruiting tool used by their resistance forces. Apparently, Josh is the only person to have ever beaten the game, so they think he’ll be just the person to kill Doctor Kronish (Keith David) and thereby prevent the apocalypse.

“That’s The Last Starfighter. It’s the exact same plot as the movie” a visibly tired and annoyed Josh tells Tiger. “What’s a movie?” she asks. This is going to be so very wonderful… unless you have herpes.

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