‘Game Of Thrones’ Baby Names Are Taking Over England

Game of Thrones fans have been naming their children after their favorite characters for a few years now, so the fact that it’s still happening isn’t exactly breaking news. But it’s always worth noting, because (a) it is still a little insane, and (b) with each passing year, we inch closer and closer to the day a frazzled Wisconsin kindergarten teacher is forced to shout “SANDOR, I SAID GIVE KHALEESI HER MILK BACK” like it’s a completely normal thing.

And so, with that in mind, here are some notable results from the list the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics released on Monday:

  • Arya – 244
  • Khaleesi – 53
  • Theon – 18
  • Tyrion – 17
  • Daenerys – 9
  • Sansa – 6
  • Bran – 4
  • Brienne – 4
  • Sandor – 4

A few things jump out here: First of all, for reasons that will baffle historians for centuries, people continue to name their children Theon, despite the numerous atrocities committed by the character on the show. Why would you do that? Why would you do that? You can name your baby literally anything you want. Rick, Bosco, Stegosaurus, ANYTHING. Don’t name your baby Theon. At least not until he sufficiently redeems himself. Don’t name your baby Reek, either, for that matter. But that one should be a little more obvious.

And second, if the report is accurate and the ONS’s search function is working properly, not a single parent has named their child Drogon.

Come on, people. If you’re going to do this, do it right, for the love of God.

(Via BuzzFeed)