Yeah, Sure, Winter Of 2022 Seems Like A Great Time For A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Convention

After spending years being an absolute entertainment juggernaut, Game of Thrones occupies a weird space in our pop culture these days. Sure, people love to see Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke adorably reunite, especially in these times of blech, but for the most part the disastrous final season has turned away even hardcore fans of the fantasy series. Back in April, HBO released a new “trailer” for the final season, and it did not go over well. On top of that, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has not been shy about saying the ending to his books will not repeat whatever the heck the show did.

So with that in mind, it seems like an odd time to launch an official Game of Thrones convention, but that’s exactly what Warner Bros is doing in February 2022. The three-day event will go down in Vegas, and it promises “special guests, panel discussions, cosplay and trivia competitions, autograph signings, photo opportunities, and exclusive Game of Thrones merchandise.” Via Variety:

“‘Game of Thrones’ is a cultural phenomenon with an incredible fanbase, and we are thrilled to be celebrating both with the first official ‘Game of Thrones’ fan convention,” said Peter van Roden, senior vice president of Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment. “This is an exciting initiative, growing one of our beloved global franchises and allowing fans to become even more immersed in the world of Westeros and beyond. This will be a truly unforgettable experience that loyal and new fans alike will love and enjoy.”

In Warner Bros. defense, the HBO parent company is pouring a colossal amount of money into a seemingly never-ending list of Game of Thrones spinoffs, so it makes sense that it’s trying to rebuild hype for the series. That said, packing people into a convention center during an ongoing pandemic might not be the best approach. Sure, maybe, cases will die down by February, but Warner Bros. is playing with fire, and not the wicked cool dragon kind.

(Via Variety)