A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Actress Went On A Rant About How Much She ‘Didn’t Like’ The Final Season


The further we get from the Game of Thrones series finale, the more talkative the cast (and Seth Rogen) has become about the reception about the episode, and season eight in general. Conleth Hill (Varys) blamed the backlash on a “media-led hate campaign,” Lena Headey “wanted a better death” for Cersei, and Nathalie Emmanuel (Missandei) spoke out against the silly petition to remake season eight, saying, “You can’t ask for receipts on art. You just can’t. The art has been created for you, and you can either choose to like it or not.”

Natalie Tena is going with “not.”

The actress, who played wildling Osha on the HBO series, told Yahoo’s White Wine Question Time podcast that she enjoyed the first three episodes of the final season, including the Battle of Winterfell. “But after that… I just didn’t understand,” she said. “The caliber of writing towards the end and the plots and everything that happens and how they wrapped it up compared to any other season, any other bit, it just feels like it’s been written by different people. It doesn’t make sense, for me.” Tena, who admits she was wine-drunk at the time (she picked the right podcast), “binge-watched the whole thing, but I ended up… my boyfriend had to leave the boat because I was ranting for an hour at him about how much I didn’t like it. And then I rang my friend to rant to him.”

Imagine how Meera feels. #JusticeForMeera

(Via NME)