Peter Dinklage Has A Theory For Why So Many People Disliked The Final Season Of ‘Game Of Thrones’

The reaction to the final season (and in particular, the final episode) of HBO’s Game of Thrones was, let’s say, divided. Some people were pissed, some people were perplexed, and others called the internet “toxic,” which is the only thing everyone can agree on. But why did so many viewers not enjoy season eight? Was it because of the rushed plotting, or “blockbuster syndrome”? Nah, it’s because you’re mad Thrones broke up with you.

That’s according to actor Peter Dinklage, who was asked by the New Yorker for his reaction to the final season backlash. “Everybody’s always going to have an opinion, and that means an ownership. It’s like breaking up with somebody. They get upset,” he said. “I can’t speak for everybody, but my feeling is they didn’t want it to end, so a lot of people got angry. I feel like what [Thrones showrunners] Dave [Benioff] and Dan [Weiss] did was extraordinary. This happens. Monsters are created. And you don’t see it coming.”

Dinklage continued:

“We vote them into office. You look the other way. So for everybody to get upset because they loved a character so much and they had so much faith in that person — there were signposts all along the way for that character.”

He’s, of course, referring to Daenerys Targaryen, but I’m not sure if the anger comes from the idea of the Mother of Dragons turning to the Mad Queen, so much as it does how it happened. “There are people who’ve named their children Khaleesi. You’ve just got to maybe wait till the series finale before you get that tattoo or name your golden retriever Daenerys,” Dinklage added. “I can’t help you! I’m sorry. She went mad.” That’s what I want on my tombstone: “Josh Kurp: I Can’t Help You! I’m Sorry. He Went Mad.”

(Via New Yorker)