The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Series Finale Is The Episode HBO Decided To Submit For ‘Best Writing’ Emmy Consideration


However you feel about the final episode of Game of Thrones, you have to acknowledge that a large number of people did not think it stuck the landing, like Breaking Bad. It wasn’t even maddeningly, delightfully ambiguous, à la the capper of The Sopranos. It was, in short, controversial, with large swaths of naysayers who have made their ire known. Nevertheless, as caught by Consequence of Sound, it’s that Thrones episode — the one called “The Iron Throne” — that HBO has submitted to the Emmys for Best Writing.

Granted, there were only six episodes in the final season from which to choose. HBO honchos likely weren’t going to go with the one people had trouble literally seeing. And it perhaps wouldn’t have been prudent to go with the one where everyone accidentally left a definitely anachronistic Starbucks cup sitting in plain sight, even though that technically wasn’t the writers’ room’s fault.

Of course, one could always make the case that, whatever you think about the writers’ story decisions, they swung big, and managed to surprise people with whom they decided to ultimately put on the throne. Either way, HBO definitely wants Game of Thrones to go out big. So give them some Emmys and we can all move on to telling George R.R. Martin to finish Winds of Winter by next summer or be voluntarily imprisoned.

(Via Consequence of Sound)