Here’s How Hodor’s Name On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was Revealed In Other Languages

Game Of Thrones season six episode five, “The Door”, broke our damn hearts by — spoiler alert — sending Hodor (Kristian Nairn) to Tha Crossroads while revealing his name means “Hold The Door.” This inspired plenty of memes and doorstop jokes. Having Wylis/Hodor’s fate sealed at such a young age, with the real meaning of his name right in front of us the whole time, was brilliant, but how did it work in versions of the show dubbed for other countries?

Here’s how HBO pulled off the name “Hodor” in 21 different languages, as compiled by an Imgur user awesomely named HooptyDooDooMeister. (I get to credit people named HooptyDooDooMeister. That’s my job. I get paid.) HBO had to change the direct translation in most cases, while retaining the overall meaning in each language, including Swedish (“Shut the door!”), German (“Hold the gate!”), Russian (“Shut the entrance!”), Turkish (“Stay there!”), Polish (“Hold the dead as long as you can!”), Mandarin (“Don’t let them come in!”), and French (“Don’t let them get outside!”).

Some of them were straightforward and easy to translate:

Others were a bit of a stretch:

Some of them were more than a bit of a stretch:

And some managed to strike a balance between using the country’s language while still ingeniously arriving at Hodor:

Hodor. That means check out the rest at Imgur.

(Via Super Punch)