A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Premiere Detail That Could Spell Bad News For The Starks

During the season seven premiere of Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark tells Jon “The King of the North” Snow to not underestimate Cersei Lannister. “If you’re her enemy, she’ll never stop until she’s destroyed you,” she said. “Everyone who’s ever crossed her, she’s found a way to murder.” Jon, looking stunned (although, to be fair, that’s his default face), replies, “You almost sound as if you admire her.” A dramatic pause. “I learned a great deal from her.”

It wasn’t the most important line of the episode (that would be every splash during Sam’s poop montage), but it’s one worth remembering. Sansa certainly hasn’t forgotten about her time in King’s Landing, where she was held captive following the death of her father and forced to marry Tyrion, and she even took something from the royal city with her: Cersei’s haircut.

Sansa is currently rocking the same look that the Queen had before the High Sparrow gave her “The Varys.” Cersei might be a bad person who killed hundreds of people with wildfire, but what can I say? She’s got good style.

This isn’t a case of Cersei’s hairstyle being “the style at the time,” either. “Sansa’s hair is constantly reflecting the people she’s learning from, or mimicking, or inspired by at the time,” Sophie Turner explained to Refinery29. “When she’s Cersei’s prisoner, and she’s kind of absorbing all her manipulative techniques, it’s reflected in her hairstyle, and when she’s finding the spirit of Margaery in herself, she wears her hair like Margaery.”

In fact, Sansa’s been copying looks since season one.

Sansa will never go Full Cersei (you never want to go Full Cersei), but her “great deal” comment is unsettling, especially if things with Jon Snow continue to go south. Cersei is driven by the anger she felt when her father and husband ignored her council because she’s a woman, and Sansa, who exchanged worrying glances with Littlefinger in the season six finale, must feel the same way. She saved the day at the Battle of the Bastards — although only by withholding a key piece of information; another thing she and Cersei have in common — but the Northern lords still rallied around Jon Snow. Sansa wasn’t thrilled by this development, and her new look could “foreshadow a dangerous animosity between the pair,” according to The Huffington Post.

That being said, unlike Ned Stark (literally) and Cersei (figuratively), Sansa has a good head on her shoulder. She learns from her family’s grave mistakes; meanwhile, Cersei wants to be like her father, who, it’s always worth remembering, was killed by a crossbow while sitting on the toilet. That’s even less dignified than getting your coconut chopped off.

It’s worth keeping an eye on Sansa’s hairstyle the rest of the season, especially if/when she starts roaming around Winterfell looking like Tormund.

(Via Refinery29)