Arya’s Dagger On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Possibly Has A Fiery History According To This Latest Theory

Entertainment Writer

WARNING: Possible spoilers for Game Of Thrones season 7 ahead.

There’s no shortage of theories about Game Of Thrones heading into its final nine episodes, with most of them being wild-eyed delusions by fans looking to waste time. Others are based a little more in fact compared to others, though their likelihood is still not assured given how much the book series and George R.R. Martin’s backstory has differed from the HBO series. Most of the big rumors deal with Azor Ahai or who wins the “Game Of Thrones,” which sounds like the lamest thing since Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes, but it seems that Arya’s dagger that she received in the latest episode carries a slew of its own theories along with it.

Not only was it spoiled on the cover of Entertainment Weekly — seen below — before the season even began, leaving many to speculate how she got her hands on it, what it means for her role in the final battle of the series, and if the blade spells the end for Littlefinger and his cunning plans. Most seem to agree that the dagger is Valyrian steel, one of the few items that can kill the White Walkers, thanks to its appearance in season one during the assassination attempt against Bran Stark. There’s also another aspect that indicates this blade might end up being a stand in for another legendary sword from the books, Dark Sister, one of the missing swords once held by the Targaryen family.

But there’s some more information about this little weapon that seems to indicate it once belonged to another Targaryen with some ties to Jon Snow’s lineage, possibly leading to how the character will find out his true backstory or at least connecting all of the different story threads together. No matter what, it seems like it has landed in good hands for the story to develop as the show comes to a close.

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