‘Game Of Thrones’ Sneakers And Whisky Are Coming

Much like winter, branding has arrived to Westeros. While Game of Thrones‘ final season doesn’t begin until 2019, but brands are already in mid-season form. We’re starting to see images from adidas’ upcoming line of Game of Thrones-inspired shoes. Take adidas for example. @solebyjc got a hold of a pair of the white-on-white House Targaryen kicks and they look very cool.

As you can see, the shoes pair nicely with a bottle of Johnnie Walker’s White Walker whiskey. Yes, that also exists. Johnnie Walker is releasing a line of 8 blends to coincide with the 8th and final season. Here’s Nikolaj Coster-Waldau looking handsome and cold with the White Walker blend. Does this confirm that Jaime heads north? If it does, this would certainly be a weird way to find out!

Meanwhile, Kotaku has some pictures of the more… fiery… version of the Targaryn sneakers. Those will apparently be released in January with other houses getting sneakers throughout the year.

By the time that the finale finally airs and you find out who is left sitting on the Iron Throne, you’ll be able to chase your Game of Thrones whiskey with some Game of Thrones beer while wearing your Game of Thrones shoes. And you can do it all while listening to your Game of Thrones Ed Sheeran album. It is impossible to know what else the show will lend its name to by then.