Garret Dillahunt Goes Full ‘Deadwood’ In The New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer

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03.18.18 2 Comments

Though the first season of Fear the Walking Dead was not very good, and the second season was not much better, I cannot stress how great the third season of the horror series was. It is genuinely a better show than The Walking Dead has been since the Saviors storyline began.

I expect that Fear will only get better in its fourth season with the addition of Lennie James, coming over from The Walking Dead, two new showrunners; a time jump; a location change to Texas; new cast members Jenna Elfman and Maggie Grace plus potentially the Whisperers storyline from Robert Kirkman’s comics. It will be a “much different show” — the spin-off it was meant to be — and I expect that it will only get better and continue to improve upon the lagging The Walking Dead.

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