Garret Dillahunt Goes Full ‘Deadwood’ In The New ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Trailer

Though the first season of Fear the Walking Dead was not very good, and the second season was not much better, I cannot stress how great the third season of the horror series was. It is genuinely a better show than The Walking Dead has been since the Saviors storyline began.

I expect that Fear will only get better in its fourth season with the addition of Lennie James, coming over from The Walking Dead, two new showrunners; a time jump; a location change to Texas; new cast members Jenna Elfman and Maggie Grace plus potentially the Whisperers storyline from Robert Kirkman’s comics. It will be a “much different show” — the spin-off it was meant to be — and I expect that it will only get better and continue to improve upon the lagging The Walking Dead.

What I may be most excited about, however, is the introduction of a Garret Dillahunt. Once considered for the role of Negan, Dillahunt is one of television’s best character actors, who can not only do drama (Justified) and comedy (Raising Hope), but he is so good that he played two characters on Deadwood.

Speaking of which, Dillahunt’s new character appears to take advantage of all of Dillahunt’s best acting assets. “He’s a gentle soul — an innocent in many ways — but is no stranger to violence,” new showrunner Ian Goldberg told EW. “He can be soft-spoken and disarmingly funny all at once.” The latest trailer for the fourth season also suggests that Dillahunt will be rocking a Deadwood vibe, and I could not be more excited about that.

Fear the Walking Dead returns on April 15th with a crossover event with The Walking Dead that can even be seen in theaters.