An Oscar-Winning Actress Has Joined The Cast Of ‘GLOW’ For Season 3


Geena Davis is in one of the greatest sports movies of all-time, A League of Their Own, and soon she’ll in one of the finest sports shows, too. The actress has joined the cast of Netflix’s GLOW for season three — she’ll appear in five of 10 episodes as Sandy Devereaux St. Clair, “a former showgirl turned entertainment director of the Fan-Tan Hotel and Casino, which is the show’s third season backdrop,” according to the Hollywood Reporter. “The GLOW wrestlers are the new headliners of the Fan-Tan Hotel, a gig that follows up on a season two finale offer to turn GLOW into a variety-wrestling show.”

It’s always a treat to see Davis in anything (she’s so good in The Fly, and Thelma & Louise, and Beetlejuice, and Earth Girls Are Easy, and The Accidental Tourist, which won her an Oscar, and…) especially because she’s worked sporadically in recent years. But the Academy stans a legend, which is why Davis will be presented with an honorary Oscar for her contributions to film and for being a “passionate advocate for gender equality in media.”

As for GLOW, season three of the Netflix series moves the action from Hollywood to Las Vegas, where the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling now work after their show-within-a-show was canceled. “Lay off the high ones,” Davis will presumably tell Alison Brie’s character, Zoya the Destroya. “But don’t avoid the top rope.” GLOW returns on August 9.


(Via the Hollywood Reporter)