A Desperate ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Created A.I. To Finish ‘Winds Of Winter’ For George R.R. Martin

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Game of Thrones fans are only one week into their long wait for the next season, but desperate book readers have it even worse. Fans of George R.R. Martin‘s A Song Of Ice And Fire series have been looking forward to the sixth volume, The Winds Of Winter, for six years. While the book is still coming, Martin has pushed back the release date a number of times and released a few secondary books in the meantime. Now, it is certainly no one’s business but Martin and his publishers when the book will finally be released, but it’s certainly understandable why fans are getting a little antsy.

However, one fan may have taken things a hilarious step too far. Programmer Zach Thoutt took matters into his own hands and created a neural network that drew from Martin’s previous works (5,376 pages worth) to generate five chapters of “Winds of Winter.” The result, to put it kindly, is decidedly mixed (it’s ridiculously garbled nonsense)

One chapter, which is from Vary’s point of view, contains this stellar passage:

Clegane’s mouth twitched; his face was ringing in the wound, thick as an old line. “Bran, that’s true.”

And strong, it was all they found by Jon, wandering through doors in silence in Illyrio’s lean-tos, and marching at the sun every morning, and fingers breathing like a sun in light.

Needs more feasts to truly sound like Martin, to be honest. However, another passage does allude to Jon Snow finally riding a dragon, which is what we’re all hoping for anyway.

Jon rode the dragons in a steep circle, buried fingers in the sand and there a burnt slope. “With a man should leave us clean, wench,” he said. “Stop him. Is that much? Until you’re at Winterfell simply get inside ’em o’ wildlings, or on the sound of a bastard dies.”

You can read all of the AI generated chapters here, if only to comfort yourself in the fact that we don’t really have to worry about the machines rise up against us quite yet.

(Via The AV Club)