George Santos Is ‘Saddened’ Over Fellow Republican Senator John Kennedy Calling Him A ‘Bunny Boiler’

Things are going from bad to worse for embattled Republican Representative George Santos.

The recently-elected Congressman from New York has fielded a dizzying number of damning accusations by Democrats and the press but now, he’s facing off against members of his own party who aren’t happy he lied about … well, basically everything. And he’s doing it the only way he knows how, by whining on Twitter.

Santos — who maybe embezzled donations, probably took part in a Ponzi scheme, and definitely lied about his drag queen career and his collegiate volleyball record — took to social media to express disappointment with comments about his long (and very weird) con by fellow Republican John Kennedy. The Senator from Louisianna recently slammed Santos in the press describing him “as nutty as a fruitcake” and comparing him to Glenn Close’s deranged and vengeful character who actually boiled a rabbit to get back at her ex in the film Fatal Attraction.

“That is why I called him a bunny boiler,” Kennedy reportedly said. “I don’t know if you’ve seen Fatal Attraction but there are people like that out there.”

We’re guessing Kennedy meant that as a dig against Santos’ questionable mental state, and it seems like the young Congressman assumed the same. He posted on Twitter that he was hurt by Kennedy’s turn of phrase.

“I am saddened that a distinguished senator from the GOP, whom I’ve respected would use such derogatory language against me,” Santos wrote. “Language like that is hurtful and divisive and has no place in Congress.”

The irony that a pathological liar who giddily flashed white power signs during a publicized congressional meeting would be offended by any type of derogatory language is rife, but Santos’ disgust at being compared to Glenn Close makes one really question his drag credentials. Trixie Mattel would never.

(Via RawStory)