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Right on the heels of HBO’s “Hung,” a show about a man who becomes a prostitute because his penis is big, MTV is making “Hard Times,” a show about a teenager with a big penis.  Original!

[The] show chronicles the hellish life of RJ Berger, a desperately unpopular 15-year-old.

When RJ’s anatomical gift is dramatically revealed in front of the whole school, he goes from anonymous to famous and finds his first sliver of confidence. But he also has to deal with a best friend trying to capitalize on his newfound fame, a student body with no shortage of cruel jokes and an insane home life.

Actually — and it kills me to say anything remotely positive about MTV programming — this is a way more interesting (and realistic) premise than “Hung’s” grown-up-loser-becomes-gigolo.  So good work, MTV.  Unoriginal and interesting is a nice change of pace from your routine of unoriginal and sh-tty.

(By the way, I apologize for using a military history reference for the image.  For some reason I didn’t quite feel like doing an image search for BIG TEENAGE COCK.)

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