‘Ghosts’ Star Brandon Scott Jones On His Character’s Upcoming ‘Defining Moment’

The unexpected CBS hit sitcom Ghosts tells the story of a haunted bed and breakfast in upstate New York, so it could very well be based on a true story. But, behind the semi-spooky aspect of the show is a group of ghosts who are still grappling with the identity, even beyond the metaphorical grave.

Among the group of ghosts, which includes a ’90s stock trader, a ’20s jazz singer, and a ’60s cult member who died on her way to Woodstock, is Captain Isaac Higgintoot, played by Brandon Scott Jones. Isaac is a Revolutionary War officer who died on the grounds after the siege of Fort Ticonderoga and often tried to be the leader among the group throughout their various shenanigans. Throughout the first season, the other ghosts speculate about Isaac’s close relationship with another Revolutionary War ghost who lives on the grounds. While there is never any confirmation of Isaac’s sexuality, the upcoming episode will feature an important conversation surrounding the topic.

Uproxx spoke to Jones about the upcoming episode, the cast, and the fan response from the show’s first season.

Obviously, we’re going to keep it spoiler-free but your character has an important discussion with another character. Was that plotline your idea or did the writers approach you about this storyline?

Oh, yeah, it’s a really great question. Definitely wasn’t my idea. It was something that was sort of brewing, you know. There’s only so much time in an episode and there are a lot of characters. I know early on the Joes [creators Joe Port and Joe Wiseman] told me that it was something that they wanted to try and explore. I thought that was really exciting. They approached me and asked me about that moment because I think, for so many people, it is such a defining moment to have a connection like that and to actually admit something that you’ve been holding on to for so long. And so they’ve been, they were really collaborative with the scene.

It was very heart-warming. There is amazing chemistry in the group [of ghosts]. Is that sort of something that is both on and off-screen?

We spend so much time together. We shoot the show in Montreal so one of the blessings of that was that we really only had each other. None of us really knew anybody else up there. And so that entire time that we were shooting, we really only had each other to hang out with and it just happened that we all love each other very much. So that sounds crazy. I know every show is like, “it’s like a family!” but like we really, really, really are. Like we spent so much time together and the day after we finished shooting a little, I was like “I miss you!” But yeah, definitely off-screen we have a lot of fun and we like to hang out and do other things.

You guys were picked up for a second season back in January, when the crew surprised you while filming, fans went crazy on Twitter. The fanbase is super dedicated. How do you think they will react to seeing this upcoming episode?

Well, first of all, the fans of the show are so fun and vocal and interactive. We like interacting with them, which is great, especially online, which has been very cool to see the fan base grow for the show as well. They have little communities, I will look at their interactions with each other [on Twitter] and I’ll just be like, “Oh, they’re friends now!” Isn’t that the cutest? I love it so much. That’s the biggest win, if people are finding each other through this show that’s great because I think ultimately at the core like, that’s what the show is about.

That’s so cute.

I will say, I don’t want to brag, but Colonial Williamsburg tweeted at me and I think it is truly amazing. I was like, “oh my God,” and called my parents right away. I was like, “well, you’ll never believe who tweeted me.” They’ve never been more impressed. We grew up going to Colonial Williamsburg every single summer of our lives. And my yeah, when I told my family that I was like I wanted to be an actor like I remember my grandmother and my mother and my aunt all were like, “Well, the pinnacle of acting would have you playing Thomas Jefferson in Williamsburg.” I was like, “Okay, I want to go a different direction. But thank you!”

Obviously, playing a revolutionary war vet is a weird direction, but do you feel like you can relate to Isaac in certain ways?

It’s definitely weird. Very different. Obviously. When I first got the part I was like “God, how much what research am I going to have to do and all of this,” It was a little overwhelming. But I think at the core of it the thing that I connect with him the most is this idea of being in a place in your life where you kind of wish you were somebody else or you wish you had something different going on. The desperation that you hold on to that idea of who you think you’re supposed to be. The more we sort of like unpack Isaac, for all his bluster and ego, at the core I always think that that is what’s driving him. This idea of wanting to be remembered as somebody else.

I’ve gotten past that point in my own life for sure, well hopefully I have. But I know that he’s just starting that process, especially in an episode. This is such a relatable thing. I think he could be from Mars, and people would still find some sort of way to connect with them.

‘Ghosts’ airs on CBS Thursdays at 9 pm. You can catch all episodes currently streaming on Paramount+.