CBS Is Screening The ‘Ghosts’ Season 2 Premiere In Empty Theaters In Case Real Ghosts Want To Watch (That’s Nice)

As CBS prepares to air the second season of the hit sitcom, Ghosts, the network apparently thought it’d be nice if actual ghosts can watch the show. While you’d just assume that the undead are probably already watching inside the homes they currently haunt, CBS went the extra mile by booking empty theaters for the Season 2 premiere.

According to Variety, Ghosts will screen at midnight in empty theaters in Los Angeles, Savannah, and Portland, Oregon. To get the word out, the network is also employing the use of mediums as well as social media because, hey, maybe ghosts use Facebook. We don’t know their non-lives.

“[The theaters] love it because they’re bringing an audience in at times that aren’t competing with other living audiences,” [CBS chief marketing officer Mike] Benson said. “They also really appreciate that there’s really essentially no wear and tear to their buildings whatsoever. The overhead costs are pretty low. The downside is that there’s really no concession business whatsoever.”

CBS is hoping the Ghosts event will be a hit with with actual ghosts. Although, they had to get a little creative on that front. “We understand it’s hard to get the data around the attendance, because there’s no real way to track it,” Benson told Variety. “So the only way to track it is through hearsay through mediums. But what we’re hearing so far is that non-living people love it.”

Of course, the question nobody seems to be asking is what happens if the ghosts don’t like it. Are we looking at an end of Ghostbusters type scenario where we’re not allowed to think about marshmallows? Will they start messing with our WiFi? This could get ugly.

Ghosts Season 2 premieres September 29 on CBS for anyone with a pulse.

(Via Variety)