USA Network’s ‘Suits’ Is Getting A Spin-Off

I love USA Network’s Suits unabashedly, even if all the episodes are the same and everything is resolved with a manilla folder. However, even I recognize that the series has completely jumped the rails in the last year. After Mike did a bit in prison in the first half of season six for impersonating a lawyer, the series wrote itself into a corner it couldn’t really find its way out of. In order to get Mike back into the practice of law again, Mike and Harvey basically perpetuated blackmail to convince a lawyer on the ethics board to allow Mike to be a lawyer again, which never really resolved the issue Mike had in the first place: He never went to law school. Somehow, even after committing fraud for five seasons, and doubling down after a felony conviction by committing blackmail, Mike somehow obfuscated the very issue that got him in trouble in the first place.

Meanwhile, Rachel somehow managed to graduate from NYU law school in basically a semester, Donna is the voice of a new Siri, and Louis Litt’s girlfriend — who is pregnant with another man’s baby — suddenly has issues with Louis morality. Suits, which wrapped up its sixth season last night, is a mess, but as always, a highly watchable one.

In the midst of all this, Jessica Pearson smartly left the the firm (and Gina Torres the show) to pursue a public interest career with her boyfriend in Chicago. Last night, Torres’ Pearson made a surprise return appearance in the finale, but don’t expect her to come back to New York anytime soon because Jessica is getting a spin-off, according to Deadline.

Details are slim, but the idea for the spin-off series came from Gina Torres herself:

“Gina had the idea and went to the studio. She pitched an idea of what happens if we follow Jessica into the future a little bit,” [Suits showrunner Aaron] Korsh told Deadline. “She has a specific take on it that we’re still mulling over right now. They were excited about it, I was excited about it, and we decided to move forward with thinking about what it is.”

Korsh is expected to write the new series, which is still in the early stages of development, and it’s not yet clear whether Jessica Pearson will return to Suits before shooting off into her own spin-off. It’s not yet been decided for certain, but it will likely be set in Chicago. If Korsh is smart, he’ll find a way to take Louis Litt’s ex-girlfriend, played by Rachael Harris, into the new series along with Torres, because Harris has provided some of the series’ best non-Donna moments.

via Deadline