Well, Well, Well, It Looks Like The Golden Globes May Be Crawling Back To Television After A One-Year Hiatus

Technically, the Golden Globes happened this year, as they have since 1944. They just weren’t on television, for the first time since a Writers Guild strike caused its on-air cancellation in 2008. After years of criticism about, among other things, a lack of diversity and corruption. They promised they would clean up their act, in the hopes that they’d be welcomed back to the airwaves. And now it appears it’s (probably) worked.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the group behind the Globes, are in talks with NBC about getting them back on the small screen. Things will be a bit different, though. Traditionally the ceremony airs on a Sunday in January. But some of the January Sundays in 2023 are already booked, by New Year’s Day, by the NFL’s last game of the season (Jan. 8), and by Critics Choice Awards (Jan. 15). So they’ll likely be moving to Jan. 10, a Tuesday.

That said, Deadline reports one source saying it’s “not a done deal.” So hang onto your horses.

The Globes have often been founts of unflattering news. Ricky Gervais went from a (mostly) enjoyably venomous host to a crank who clearly didn’t want to be there anymore. (He still wouldn’t mind returning, with some conditions.) Funnily enough, the last time he hosted was also the last time it aired, so maybe it’s fate. Then there’s the virtual 2021 iteration, which featured such exciting sights as nominees Jeff Daniels recording from what looked like a spare room in his house to Al Pacino appearing to take a nap.