Al Pacino Appearing To Nap During The Golden Globes Was One Of The Show’s Most Exciting Moments

On one hand it must be nice not to have to shlep all the way to an awards ceremony — to dress up, to fight Los Angeles traffic, to spend hours in an uncomfortable chair only to leave with nothing. On the other, it’s probably far more boring to do it all from home. Some made the best of the Golden Globes’ semi-virtual year: Amanda Seyfried invited family and friends to a hotel suite, while Anya Taylor-Joy and Kaley Cuoco got dressed to the nines even though they weren’t going out in public. Others, like a flannel-clad Jeff Daniels, barely put up with it.

Al Pacino was very much in the latter camp. Nominated for the Nazi hunting show Hunters, the legendary thespian made his obligatory appearance on what was essentially a group Zoom call, forced to virtually hang out with the likes of Matthew Rhys, Bob Odenkirk, and Jason Bateman. The award went to Josh O’Connor, who played Prince Charles on The Crown. But Pacino was the one who got the most attention, partly because his appearance began with what looked like him awakening from a nap.

Perhaps he was just resting his eyes! When his award came up it had already been a long night! But people loved it, comparing him to no less than his Irishman director Martin Scorsese, who went viral by seeming to close his eyes in pain at having to listen to Eminem at last year’s Oscars.

There were plenty of other jokes as well. Some couldn’t fathom the idea of Michael Corleone having to log onto a Zoom call.

And there were other jokes.