People Loved That Jeff Daniels Appeared To Be Doing The Golden Globes From A Random Spare Room In His House

We’re still relatively new to the pandemic-era awards show, which for safety reasons have to be done with most nominees sitting at home, looking into some high-end camera. Some go all out, renting a hotel room and inviting friends and family. Others give few, if any, f*cks. One such person was Jeff Daniels, who for his stint at this year’s Golden Globes appeared to have simply nipped off to some spare room in his house, making his appearance not in some fancy tux but in a flannel shirt he randomly pulled from the closet.

Daniels was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television, which feted his role as James Comey in the Trump docudrama The Comey Rule. He lost to Mark Ruffalo, who played two roles in HBO’s I Know This Much is True. He didn’t have to give a speech, but he did have to sit there for several minutes on end, looking about as done with it as fellow nominee Hugh Grant.

But Daniels did win something: He became a viral sensation, with everyone making the same joke about where he decided to put his camera for the night.

While most people focused on the room, some fixated on his attire.

Daniels caught wind that he had gone viral, and he was quick to drop a self-effacing response.