‘Gotham’ Debuts The Riddler Costume And Starts Getting Real About The Joker

If you weren’t watching the winter finale of Gotham, just know that it was bonkers. Jerome got even more Joker-like and thankfully survived, although he did get his face punched off before being hauled off to Arkham for some of that John Travolta / Nic Cage face surgery. Another thing (among many) that happened in this stuffed episode was that Edward Nygma thinks he’s killed the Penguin, shooting him on the same pier Detective Gordon pushed Penguin off of in the first season (GRRR, SYMBOLISM).

Now that he’s murdered someone on purpose, Nygma is ready to go full Riddler, as seen in the preview video above. He’s even got the first iteration of his costume:

Riddler actor Cory Michael Smith told Cinema Blend he’s vying to get the character a cane, but first he has to become “someone who deserves a f*cking cane.” Fair point.

Meanwhile, Fox also released a video of Jerome actor Cameron Monaghan trying to talk about playing the Joker without saying he’s the Joker:

Monaghan was a little less guarded in two interviews with Comic Book, first by telling them:

“We get to do a lot of stuff with him that has never really been done with a live action version of the Joker before, so we were able to have some real fun with him this time around.”

If that’s not admitting the character is becoming the Joker, I don’t know what is.

Monaghan also told Comic Book his biggest influences were the comic books and Mark Hamill’s Joker, and he also spoke about where this bonkers show could possibly go next:

“I’m not exactly sure where they’re gonna go with it, but character wise what’s great about Jerome is that a sane person, when they do something extreme, will try to wind it back; but every time he takes a step forward, he never takes a step back. he just pushes it further, he goes bigger, he goes more violent, more mean, and so obviously the next time he comes back he’s gonna be trying to top himself in any way he can.”

So, “we ain’t seen nothing yet”?

Gotham returns on April 24th.

(Via Gotham, Gizmodo, Cinema Blend, and Comic Book [1 and 2])