How Soon Is Ra’s Al Ghul Coming To ‘Gotham’?

Gotham season three returned for its mid-season premiere Monday night, bringing back Jerome for at least three episodes before the show goes on hiatus again until April 24th. When season three picks back up, there’s going to be a new character whose description some fans think sounds like Ra’s al Ghul.

Deadline reports Raymond J. Barry will be playing an important figure in Bruce Wayne’s life, and you can see why people are namechecking Ra’s al Ghul with this character description:

Barry will play the temple Shaman, a mysterious figure who enters Bruce’s [David Mazouz] life with the stated intention of unlocking the potential of his own mind. While the Shaman says the fate of Gotham depends upon Bruce becoming the man the city needs him to become, the truth behind his intentions proves to be far more sinister.

Barry has played roles in Training Day and The Purge 3, and many UPROXX readers likely recognize him from FX’s Justified, where he played Arlo Givens in 23 episodes.

Although I have my doubts they’ll introduce al Ghul this season, I can admit — based on how the character’s described — that all this Ra’s al Ghul speculation is… *sunglasses* justified.

(Via Deadline and Comic Book)