‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Director James Gunn Called The ‘Lost’ Finale A ‘Nightmare’ And A ‘Betrayal’

In The Playlist‘s interview with James Gunn — the director of the the highest grossing movie of the year so far, Guardians of the Galaxy — Gunn talked a little about Guardians 2 (“it’s gonna answer a lot of questions that are proposed in the first one”), but of more interest to us were Gunn’s thoughts on television. He didn’t rule out doing a stint on television himself, but admitted that he couldn’t be a showrunner on anything beyond a 6-12 episode limited series.

He also shared his opinion on two divisive television finales: the True Detective season one finale and Lost series finale. On the former, he was a big fan, though not all of his friends were:

“Definitely True Detective was a great example of one director, one story. It worked fantastically well. Well, I thought it worked fantastically well, I know a lot people didn’t. A lot of people didn’t like the last episode, I loved it. But I do have a lot of hardcore atheist friends who react badly whenever there’s even a hint of mysticism.”

As for Damon Lindelof’s Lost finale? Nope. Not a fan. At all.

The last episode of Lost was like a nightmare for me, a real living nightmare. No word of a lie —I fell into a deep depression after that last episode, because I believed in that show with a religious fervor. I feel so betrayed by that ending, so betrayed to this day, so hurt. I believed in that show probably more than I believed in any artwork of my adult life and God, the betrayal.

Asked if he learned anything from the Lost finale, Gunn was blunt: “Oh yeah, it made me realize that for sure I did not ever, ever want to do that to my audience.”

Ouch. That’s as harsh as George R.R. Martin’s thoughts on the Lost finale. Poor Damon Lindelof. No wonder he quit Twitter. It was so he could avoid seeing criticism like this.

Source: The Playlist