GWAR Will Destroy The ‘Rick And Morty’ Pop-Up Bar That Cartoon Network Killed

09.04.18 8 months ago


The Rick & Morty pop-up bar in Washington D.C. is coming to a bloody end. No, really.

The bar’s creators are making the most out of Cartoon Network shutting the Wubba Lubba Dub PUB that never opened after the Adult Swim network threatened a lawsuit. The PUB was supposed to open in August and stay open until October, with multiple Rick & Morty-themed rooms and some special cocktails. There was even a special entrance for people who dressed like Rick Sanchez.

But the doors never opened because of the threat of lawsuit, meaning all the fun artwork and fixtures from the bar will never actually get used. According to Washingtonian, Cartoon Network insisted that anything Rick & Morty from the shuttered pop-up needed to be destroyed, and that’s exactly what will happen as part of a new pop-up bar Drink Company, who originally planned the bar, will do. Rockers GWAR will show up to the D.C. location on Thursday and destroy the Rick & Morty artwork as part of a new GWAR-themed pop-up.

“They’re going to come in and kick some things around, and break some things, and let Gwar be Gwar,” says Drink Company president Derek Brown told Washingtonian. “We just want to make sure we follow the letter of the law.”

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