Melissa Villaseñor Tried Her Gwen Stefani Impression On Gwen Stefani Herself

Melissa Villaseñor might have left Saturday Night Live at the end of last season, but she is still going the fans what they really want: more impressions!

Villaseñor was known for doing various spot-on impressions of celebs like Lady Gaga and Owen Wilson on the late-night show from 2016 until earlier this year. This week, she stopped by The Kelly Clarkson Show and happened to have an impression of singer and The Voice host Gwen Stefani ready to go, as Stefani herself sat alongside to watch. Some would think this is a weird, parallel universe-inspired Black Mirror episode, but Stefani found it charming!

The comedian casually slipped in an impression while acting out what it’s like for her to drive while listening to Stefani’s band No Doubt. “So, you know, No Doubt comes on the radio, or Gwen, you come on the radio, and I’m driving — it is dangerous because I get so into your impression, and it’s not safe, you know?” Villaseñor said. “I can’t drive!” She added before belting out “Underneath It All.”

Stefani, who has been the lead singer of No Doubt since the band began performing in 1987, was delighted by the impression, and even asked Villaseñor to do it again, almost as if meeting another version of yourself isn’t slightly creepy at all! “I mean, I always say you’ve made it if somebody like, dresses up for Halloween as you or makes fun of you,” Stefani laughed.

Though Villaseñor won’t be on this season of the sketch show, the comedian can clearly make people laugh. Not everyone from SNL can say that!

(Via The Wrap)