Gwendoline Christie Says That The Bear On ‘Game Of Thrones’ Was Kind Of A Diva

Gwendoline Christie probably thought she was busy back when she was just a star on one of the biggest shows in television history. Now she’s getting a tase of the madness that awaits her as the premiere date for Star Wars: The Force Awakens approaches and she starts doing endless media for that too.

Here she is on The Late Late Show With James Corden talking about that famous scene from Game of Thrones where she was trapped in a pit with a bear. And according to Gwendoline, it was a very real bear that got all the amenities it wanted in the hopes it wouldn’t eat its co-stars.

“It’s Bart the Bear. That’s a real live bear. There was a very low electric fence, I’m not even joking. Why do you think I looked so scared? It was a highly trained bear. It had its own trailer. It had been at the location in Los Angeles for two weeks to acclimatize. It needed to have country and western music playing at all times to sooth it. And as a treat when it was good it was fed cream in a frying pan with a really long handle.”

I hear that’s how they reward Val Kilmer on good shoot days too. A trailer of its own sounds like pretty posh treatment, but keep in mind this isn’t any bear … it’s Bart the Bear Jr. He’s been in a bunch of big movies like Into the Wild, Zookeeper, We Bought A Zoo, and even TV shows like CSI and Scrubs. He’s the successor to the original Bart the Bear, who was in everything from The Bear to Legends of the Fall to The Edge.

So this is the top bear in Hollywood, which is something I’m sure Gwendoline Christie felt reassured hearing right before getting down into a pit with it.