Hailee Steinfeld Might Play A Big Role In The ‘Hawkeye’ Disney+ Series, Which Could Set Up The Next ‘Avengers’ Film

After months of rumors regarding a supposed Hawkeye series for Jeremy Renner’s arrow-slinging Avengers character over at Disney+, Marvel finally confirmed as much at its recent D23 expo. What’s more, studio president and producer extraordinaire Kevin Feige revealed that not only would Renner be back for the mini-series, but the show’s story would concern the archer’s efforts to pass on his abilities and namesake to someone new. Namely, Kate Bishop — the wisecracking heiress to a wealthy (and dubious) New York family who falls under Clint Barton’s tutelage.

According to Variety, and later confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, True Grit and BumbleBee actress Hailee Steinfeld is currently in talks for the role. Neither the actress’ representatives nor any of the many public relations arms at Marvel and Disney+, were willing to confirm the news on the record. Even so, it seems that the Oscar-nominated performer will be making yet another television show in the near future. Considering the fact that Marvel’s “Phase Four” plans stretch across both movies and TV, there’s a very real chance that the studio may be gearing up for a Young Avengers team-up in the next few years.

In the comics, Bishop’s various run-ins with Barton (and other versions of Hawkeye) are quite numerous, though the story that the Disney+ series seems to be taking its cues from is the one that pops up after the initial Civil War series run. That’s when Barton begins training Bishop in everything from bows and arrows and hand-to-hand combat, to spycraft and crime-fighting. Precisely how Hawkeye will handle this remains to be seen, though judging by Avengers: Endgame‘s opening scene with Barton and his pre-dusting family, it seems he’s ready to teach someone new.

As for the Young Avengers, rumors of a film or series entry in the MCU have been bouncing around for years. The team itself has consisted of many different characters, including Bishop’s version of Hawkeye, but others have included Patriot, Hulkling, Speed, Stature, Wiccan, Iron Lad, Marvel Boy, Ms. America, and Prodigy. Alternate version of Loki and the Vision have also featured. As for She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel and Moon Knight, all of whom also have Disney+ series on the way, they have either been too old or too young to partake in the team’s activities specifically.

But that doesn’t mean that Feige and company won’t cut a few corners and change a few age ranges to make it happen during or after Phase Four.

(Via Variety and The Hollywood Reporter)