HBO Max Renewed ‘Harley Quinn,’ Thank F*cking God, And There’s Satisfying News About Where It Will Go Next

Harley Quinn is an absolute, goddamn delight and the perfect weekend bingewatch. Both audiences and critics have adored this show, which I still feel is what Birds Of Prey should have been, but there’s no use dwelling on the past because Harley is moving into the future. HBO Max undoubtedly made James Gunn’s day by announcing (after last week’s equivalent Doom Patrol news) that Harley’s moving to the next level: a Season 3 renewal. And they posted a crowd-pleasing image for good measure.

Wellll, the above image should keep Conan O’Brien happy. Yes, it’s a little spoilery to reveal that Harley and Poison Ivy had quite the kiss at the end of last season, but c’mon, the writing has been on the wall with comic-book fans for many years. Almost anyone who’s gonna be excited to finally see them couple up has probably already watched it happen, given that the episode aired in late June.

As for what will happen in Season 3, there’s more good news. Here’s what executive producer Justin Halpern recently revealed in a panel: “We want to focus on Harley and Ivy’s relationship.” As for where the focus won’t be, he said, “I’m less, personally, interested in if the Joker gets a new girlfriend than I am of ‘let’s explore this relationship we’ve spent two seasons building.'” Zero arguments there.

Plus more King Shark and Bane, obviously. And this renewal news arrives with the confirmation that DC Universe is shifting out of scripted focus and moving original content over to HBO Max, where it’s finding a larger audience. Halpern told Entertainment Weekly that that the plan was always to have the show play on HBO Max at some point, but things got slowed down by quarantine matters. That’s a thing, but fortunately, it all came together because Harley’s done with being put on ice.

(Via HBO Max, Hollywood Reporter, Entertainment Weekly & Gamespot)