The ‘Yellowstone’ Prequel On Paramount+ Will Star… Wait, Harrison Ford And Helen Mirren?

Harrison Ford is trading his Indiana Jones fedora for a cowboy hat.

Variety reports that the Star Wars legend will star in Paramount+’s Yellowstone prequel series, 1932. (1932 should not be confused with 1883, which should not be confused with 6666, which should not be confused with the very popular Yellowstone.) Ford isn’t the only Oscar nominee who joined the cast: Helen Mirren will play the biggest badass in the west. That’s not part of the Variety report, but come on, it’s Helen Mirren.

The show follows the Dutton family in the titular year, a time of Prohibition, the Great Depression, and westward expansion. 1932 is a followup to 1883, which told the story of the Dutton family as they made their way to Montana to found what would become the Yellowstone Ranch in the mothership series.

Ford and Mirren — who recently revealed that she “begged” to join the Fast and Furious franchise — have only appeared in the same project once before: 1986’s The Mosquito Coast. Mirren called Ford “the nicest, sweetest guy you could want to meet,” but “he can’t kiss.” It gets better. She went on: “He finds it impossible to kiss on screen. He’s probably not very good off-screen either.” She’s a queen on-screen, and the queen of insults off-screen.

(Via Variety)